Sunday, December 19, 2010


i've been tumblr stalking on this late sunday evening and getting much entertainment from the 'gossip girl tumblr's' and the 'ask me' feature where people can diss the blogger, compliment the blogger, or just ask what ever. it's entertaining but kinda petty and sad most of the time.

anywho amongst the stalking i found the tumblr  layered thoughts... there was this awesome list of summer things she wanted to accomplish. i think i may have to do the same (except a few which don't apply of corse)

I need to make the most of this summer!!!!! it is ESSENTIAL.

Here is her list...

1. Spend days on the beach.
2. Go to a concert of a unknown artist.
3. Tan.
4. Host a BBQ.
5. Buy/ wear a toe ring all summer. ✔
6. Be at the beach from sunrise to sunset.
7. Spend a day taking photo’s on disposable cameras at different destinations.
8. Have a new years kiss.
9. Christmas.
10. Have a amazing birthday and birthday party.
11. FINALLY get my L’s even though it should be my P’s.
12. Road trip for a small holiday with my group for the weekend.
13. Kiss under mistletoe.
14. Make a fantastic summer play list.
15. Use Sparklers.
16. Unforgettable nights with my friends with many memories.
17. Eat a whole watermelon by the pool.
18. Summer BBQ with drinks and friends.
19. Spend NYE at darling harbour with friends watching fire works.
20. Burn incense.
21. Chilled night with music and candles in my room with fairy lights. ✔
23. All nighter.
24. Do yoga.
25. Go to the city for the day.
26. Go to the markets.
27. Get lots of hippy bracelets.
28. Slow dance.
29. Have a amazing scavenger hunt.
30. Spend time with the boyfriend.
31. Enjoy the summer.


1. BDO
2. NYE at Waiheke with my fave girls
3. Obviously not spend time with my boyfriend, but maybe spend time with people i don't spend enough time with, male or female, meet someone new and get to know them well.
4. Laugh so hard it hurts


  1. Oh, sounds like a great list! All things i would want to do in summer as well :)
    also that list made miss summer again so much, but i need to wait until nxt may i think, unless i take a vacation to somewhere warm..

  2. come to New Zealand, even though its been raining all weekend... :(

  3. well, i dont mind raining that much, i do mind -20 degrees though. would be nice to visit there someday, right now nz is bit out of my budget :(