Friday, December 24, 2010

everyone's looking at you like they want to go home with you

Christmas tomorrow, yayyy. Tonight I'm off to a fam dinner and got the other side of the family coming to ours tomorrow evening! Can't wait to wear my xmas shorties and wedges :)

On top of that i am getting quite excited as it appears that my new years may be finally coming together. I am waiting on the ok that i got work off and then next week im off road trippin to GISBORNE for Rhythm and Vine YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. I can't wait!! I'm gonna leave the shitty year of 2010 behind with a bang and go all out in 2011. Last year of uni, craziness!!! I'm trying to come up with some NY resolutions which i stick to!

So anyway this may be one of my last posts for 2010 as on Sunday i'm heading up north then will be back to work a shift then off again (hopefully) for Gissy. Woooo.

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