Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Giving up on my fringe.... wish it looked as cool as these characters

Sunday, August 29, 2010


insanely amazing photography from lachapelle studios

Thanks Hayds for sharing with me.

all things cupcake

Cupcakes could possibly be the best food creation out there and on research so many people think so too! I found so many cup cake blogs which are all dedicated to deliciously evil cup cakes! So here is my cupcake input (as promised to a friend) which will have you drooling...

Judith Main Cupcake Purse - seen in Sex and the City Movie!

All the best to my girl doing a cupcake inspired photoshoot today. Rock that shit (and save me a cupcake)


Thursday, August 26, 2010

love like no onther

The cutest thing i've seen in a while which just made my day... it's a love like no other. Featured photo's are from Ubud's Monkey Forest in Bali...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

colour my life with chaos of trouble

whitney port

One of my current and long time obsessions is with The Hills, The City, and right now Whitney Port. She is such an amazing perosn who is so kind and naturally beautiful. On top of this her fashion line called Whitney Eve is so cute with plenty of pieces that I'd love to own and wear myself. You can follow her on her day to day activities through her Celebuzz Blog!

what a stunner

Monday, August 23, 2010

LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

Just had a lovely evening eating Pad Thai and watching the cutest French film with a good friend of mine. The film LOL (Laughing Out Loud) is a French teen coming of age film with the most fabulous (and good looking) cast! And whats more it is being adapted into an American film staring, Demi Moore, Miley Cyrus and Ashlee Green amoung others. Will be interesting to see how it translates to the Americanised ways and how Miley portrays the weed smoking, sexual exploring teen...

The extremely cute Jeremy Kapone who plays the leading heartthrobe.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

bang bang, my baby shot me down


Watched the season finale of Gossip Girl Season Three this arvo and my gosh was it good!!
So many twists and scandal... gotta love....

Jenny's evil ways

gotta hate... Blair and Chuck's endings

return of Georgina Sparks that biatch
and not to mention the jaw dropping cliff hanger.. i won't spoil but let me just say... bang bang...
AND finally
S and B's conclusion on going to Paris leaves next season looking awesome!!!!
Check out the trailer below

Oh Mon Dieu!

cherry lips