Sunday, October 3, 2010

'she's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss United States'

It is no secret that I have some seriously stunning friends, one of which is now the reining Miss Auckland.

Last night I attended the Miss Auckland 2010 Final at Selwyn College in support of my very best friend, Miss Cassie Matthews. Throughout the first half we were introduced to the 19 beauties of the competition, entertained by a 'cowgirl' dance number the girls put together as well as swimwear and fashion wear catwalks. A few of the girls stood out of the crowd, Cassie of coarse being one of the few.

The second half demonstrated even more beauty and grace with winner of Stars In Their Eyes, Gary Mullen, singing, playing the piano and harmonica as the girls showed off their stunning evening wear.

During tense break for judges to come to final decisions I found myself narrowing down the top five in my head which I was soon to found out was the exact five top girls. With a knotted stomach 2nd and 1st runners up were announced. First Runner Up was Izzy Pearson who I thought was Cassie's only true competition. A shocked Cassie approached the podium after being announced as Miss Auckland 2010. Her speech was flawless and needless to say we - her entourage - screamed with excitement and support.

Big ups to all the stunning contestants who held so much confidence and poise throughout the evening.

And of coarse a major well done to my BFF Cas for taking it out - we all knew you would as everything you ever do is approached with a positive, beautiful and 'winner' attitude. You truly will take over the world one day and I ask one thing of you. Take me with you. Love now and forever. 

Cassie's introduction
Fashion wear with final 5 contestant Charlotte Granville
Evening wear, with Gary Mullen
 Reining Miss Auckland Caren Freeman
                                  Cassie Matthews                                1st runner up - Izzy Pearson
2nd runner up - Galina Kochanova
Announcement - a seriously shocked Cassie
Congrats again

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