Thursday, October 14, 2010

lack of blogging due to lack of a life

Please excuse my lack of blogging as of late. I have been crazy busy with Uni work. One week of learning left and counting down the days until 10th of November which equals freedom for almost four months of sunny bliss. Here's what I've been up to in the past week.

 1. Trying to decide slash sort out what I want out of life and where my degree is gonna take me. One year to go until the reality of working full time. BAHH.
 2. Seriously crazyly getting too excited for my friends 21st this weekend. Saturday will consist of no work, brunch, champagne, hours of getting ready and a great deal of partying with ALL of my very best girlfriends!
 3. Socialisation has been limited to my cats who have snuggling up to me through my hours of back aching assignment writing.
 4. Feeling like an extremely sleep deprived puppy
 5. Got my first rays of the warm spring sun today in Albert Park during a sneaky Uni break, it was pure bliss
 6. Waiting for full on summer fruit everyday indulgences
 7. Updating my summer wardrobe possibly more than I can afford. New summer dresses, party dress for this weekend, denim shorts, military shirts, maxi dresses, next on the list is sandles, Ruby limited edition shorts and a lot more floral and sheer tops!!!
8. Dreaming of visiting all the destinations I've been writing about and research recently. Slight day of luxury may come tomorrow on my uni trip to 2 Wellness retreats in the North Island. Hot Pools here I come.


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