Monday, November 22, 2010

made in dagenham

Yesterday I went to the movies twice, movie geek at my finest. I firstly saw the British film called Made in Dagenham which is set in the late 1960's at the Ford Dagenham car plant where the women went on strike demanding an equal pay to the men. The movie was excellent and I especially loved the fashion, the high collared shirts, floral prints and full on make-up!

The outfits remind me of Lara Parkers Geeks Summer Collection, Twenty Seven Names Summer looks, this TBA dress/coat from ASOS, Ruby Boutiques A-line skirts from their Bedrock collection and the Glassons Summer Bikinis !!

The other film I watched was The Social Network based on the true story of the creators of Facebook. I can't say it had any inspiring fashion but it too was an excellent watch.

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