Wednesday, September 1, 2010

today im obsessed with you

Ok well yes, i have always been obsessed with Lauren Conrad, ever since Laguna Beach days. I've seen every episode of Laguna and The Hills, witnessed every break-up, tear shed, and break down along with millions of other girls around the world. I just watch the final episode EVER of The Hills. And although Lauren left the show a few seasons ago I've still got amongst all the drama. The final episode left me literally yelling at the T.V. WTF!!!!! Is anyone else totally confused?!? And left feeling like everything they saw and experienced over the years was a lie. Or was the closure of the final episode zooming away from a film set just for a laugh. Cause seriously I just feel cheated right now (LOL).

But any way, back to L.C.

I straight up just think she's stunning.

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