Wednesday, July 14, 2010

bring back summer

The last couple of days have been beautifully sunny up in Auckland, but as soon as the sun goes down the cold chills my bones. I even got an electric blanket this week which has kept me cosy and warm at night.

However I say bring back summer!!! Before we know it w'll be back at the beach and spending our free time lazing round in the smallest of clothing eating ice blocks, watermellon, and sipping ice cold vodka and juice mixes.

Here are my best memories from the summer of 09/10....

1. Beaching it with the girls and Mr. Ari

2. Waiheke for Fiesta de Sol with Cas, scorching day accompanied by pleanty of drinks

3. Skater and Sufer boys roaming the streets and beaches

4. Aussie!!! This shot was taken in Byron Bay, the most perfect place on the most perfect day.
Oh how i miss you...

5. A clip of a friend Nat in Aussie, I miss the crazy times in Australia just as much as the heat.

Bring on Summer 10/11 xxx

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